Global stock markets mostly higher after Wall Street rebound. 3 Stocks Bouncing Back Hard. 3 Vaccine Stocks to Buy Now.
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Wednesday, July 21st

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Equity markets bounced back strongly on Tuesday as investors shrugged off the looming impact of the COVID-19 Delta variant. The rising number of cases has sparked concern about economic shutdowns that could further impact an already over-stressed system. An emerging theme of the second-quarter earnings season is the fact revenues are being impacted not only by rising inflation but by the lack of availability of raw materials and shipping.

If these situations aren't corrected soon, the economic outlook for the second half of the year will become meaningless and that's not good for stock prices. Looking at the charts, it appears as if the major indices are confirming the uptrend, the question now is if the market will follow through on Wednesday and move up to set a new all-time high.



Global stock markets mostly higher after Wall Street rebound

Global stock markets advanced Wednesday after Wall Street rebounded as investors tried to figure out how increasing coronavirus cases will affect the global economy. London and Frankfurt opened higher while Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney advanced. Hong Kong and Seoul declined. ...

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Early Profit-Advantage On Wall Street's Hidden Uranium Stock

Uranium prices are soaring as more than HALF of global monthly uranium production has been taken offline as mines shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic. Investors are lining up for gains and it could be the windfall of a lifetime. The last time we saw something like this, the price of yellowcake roared all the way to $140. Well-timed investors could make 10X, 20X and even 30X gains!

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3 Stocks Bouncing Back Hard

There’s nothing like a bit of volatility to shake off the cobwebs and rouse Wall Street traders from their summer slumber. A relatively safe way to sort the great from the good is by looking at which names are bouncing back the quickest after the brief sell-off.

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3 Vaccine Stocks to Buy Now

Just when investors started to think that COVID-19 headlines no longer make a big impact on equities, news related to the spread of the delta variant of the virus hit the market with a vengeance. With concerns that the spread of this new variant could impact the economic rebound and more lockdowns g...

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Hidden $5 Stock Holds Tech World Hostage

Tech monsters like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and many more can no longer avoid doing business with this one company that trades for only $5...

All of them are held hostage by the CEO's brilliant business tactics.

And what's even crazier...

Is that his tactics reach all the way to the public.

He intentionally set up his company's stock under a secret trade name...

Did he fool you too?

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UK set to irk EU with bid to change post-Brexit trade rules

Tense post-Brexit relations between Britain and the European Union face further strain on Wednesday, when the U.K. calls for major changes to trade rules agreed on by both sides. Brexit minister David Frost will set out proposals for smoothing out trade arrangements for Northern Irela...

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Diversification Can Smooth Returns And Mitigate Portfolio Risk

Portfolio diversification should be implemented as a risk mitigation measure. It simply means allocating your investments among a number of assets. As different securities rise and fall, proper diversification will smooth your return.

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#1 Way to Profit off the Electric Vehicle Craze

Industry expert points out 10x opportunity in EVs virtually no one is talking about...

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Will fintechs dominate the Mexican banking market?

Fintech companies have become an alternative for users, whether they are banked or not. The former have found better conditions to request loans in this type of company, while the latter have taken advantage of a model that allows them to finally access the financial system. In s...

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Daimler: $4.3 billion quarterly profit despite chip shortage

German auto maker Daimler reaped strong profits in the second quarter as demand for its Mercedes luxury cars continued to rebound from the depths of the pandemic, generating cash that the company can invest in its shift to electric vehicles. Profit margins reached into double digits ...

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Do you want to raise capital for your startup? Here are 6 tips to achieve it

According to The Failure Institute, 65 percent of startups in Mexico fail because they do not have sufficient income to survive and 38 percent have financing problems. Lack of capital is a common situation for startups, money is what makes a business feasible, that is why at all s...

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Sink Your Teeth into Whole Earth Brands Stock

Natural sweeteners, food flavors, and ingredients company Whole Earth Brands (NASDAQ: FREE) stock has been consolidating for months but looks poised to breakout. The makers of natural consumer packaged goods (CPG) operate in two segments, Merisant and MafCo. Merisant is the leading natural sugar rep...

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Considering a Backdoor Roth IRA? Here's Why You May Want to Reconsider

You probably already know the basics of a traditional IRA (you invest pre-tax income — you can currently contribute up to $6,000 in 2021 — and must take required minimum distributions after age 72). You also may already know the details of a Roth IRA (you invest after-tax money —...

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The Early Bird Stock Of The Day

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. engages in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of systems and accessories for hydroponic gardening. It operates through the following segments: U.S. Consumer, Hawthorne, and Other. The U.S. Consumer segment consists of consumer lawn and garden business. The Hawthorn segment includes indoor, urban, and hydroponic gardening business. The Other segment refers to the consumer lawn and garden business in geographies other than the U.S. and product sales to commercial nurseries, greenhouses, and other professional customers. The company was founded by Orlando McLean Scott in 1868 and is headquartered in Marysville, OH.

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